About Me

Sunday Jerome Salami is currently a Master’s student at the School of Transnational Governance based in the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. He previously earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at the African Leadership University, Mauritius. He is passionate about poverty alleviation, good governance, quality education, and sustainable development. He strongly believes that access to quality education and ethical leadership training for young people are at the core of alleviating poverty, fostering strong institutions, and generally achieving sustainable development. He is also a skilled content writer, project manager, and researcher with over three years of work experience interning and working with organizations such as Pulse Marketing, African Leadership University, Goldcard Group, and most recently, Kofi Annan Foundation and UNESCO-IIEP. In his free time, he loves talking with people, writing, and playing video games. You can reach out to him via sunday.salami.7@gmail.com or contact him on LinkedIn.


A blog piece I recently wrote won the first-place prize in the Digital for Development (D4D) Hub blog competition which was aimed at collating original ideas on how the EU and the AU can work together to tackle online disinformation while maintaining human rights. In the piece, I made a comparison of the problem between Africa and Europe as well as highlighted potential convergence points for both continents.

Analysis of the Counter-Terrorism Policy of the Nigerian Government

In this article, I argue that the Operation Safe Corridor of the Nigerian government has been ineffective in addressing the issue of terrorism in the northeastern part of the country, hence, the need for a re-evaluation of the policy design and implementation.

Random Reflections

"The protests and agitations in Iran today are a testament to the intersection of the feminist movement and the influence of globalization on spreading social change across borders." - Self

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The Complexity of Continuous Education and the Shame of Discrimination in a Time of Crisis

An analysis of the plights of fleeing African university students during the Russia-Ukraine War.

The Paradox of a Hypocritical Society 

Reflections on the #PEPTJudgment on the 2023 Nigeria general elections.

On Military Coups and Usurpers in West Africa: Are We Asking the Right Questions? 

Socio-political analysis of the recent coup in The Republic of the Niger