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“Trying to survive in an unknown country;

Due to the unrest and war in my vicinity;

Globally displaced, endangered refugee;

Are unmistakable words to describe me.

Early in the morning I wake up in sorrow;

Tears, agony and sadness easily flow;

Within my young heart I once thought would glow;

As I watched my dreams shattered by a mighty blow.

Indeed, I chew sorrow in my destitute meals;

Specially made for a helpless refugee like me;

I drink sorrow in water like one that is bereaved;

And as one whose hopes have been ceased.

My life has been characterized by fear and pain;

No more waking up early and going to work again;

No more buying and riding of vehicles again;

No more weekend shopping together with Jane!

My assets and properties have all been suppressed;

I now have to stay in a camp that can be attacked any moment;

Indeed, I am unfortunate to find myself in this mess;

But oh, I hope that one day, all will be well!”