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Hands literally shaking,

Seems like the whole world is crushing,

After all the anticipation and anxiety,

Coupled with both fears and worry.

Back to the old drawing board,

To begin another phase of life,

Oh, how saddening one feels,

When one’s dreams can never be.

Let me say what is next in line,

Virtually nothing at all,

I feel like going back to the womb again,

Waiting to be reborn again.

Left alone in the dark hole,

With no one to behold,

I have seen what life is,

I tell you it is bitter than sweet.

And to you out there,

Who thinks my own is too much,

Whoever you might be,

I hope you taste of this.

To the people who stood my me,

To you who encouraged me,

And to you who motivated me

I say thank you all!

Now, I politely look forward,

With tiny hopes of moving upwards,

I’ll wait and see what happens next,.

I hope it’s going to be the best.

I hope that one day,

I will look back boldly,

And tell a wonderful story,

On how I overcame the hurdles bravely.

June 16th, 2015 at 8.50pm.